Upgrading firmware

To upgrade your firmware you will need to download the RaceSenseTyreUpdaterInstaller.exe onto a PC and run it to install the RaceSenseTyreUpdater app on your computer.

Run the program and a window will appear as shown below:

Normally ‘Write Setup’ should be enabled for new firmware as shown above. Turn off the tyre gauge and connect it to the PC using a USB cable. The tyre gauge display will show it is connected to the PC.

Press the ‘Load package’ button in the firmware update application and browse to the firmware location. Select the firmware file and press ok. Wait for a few seconds until the message ‘programming complete’ appears in the application window. Do not unplug or power down the tyre gauge during programming.

When the upgrade has completed it is safe to unplug the tyre gauge and the new firmware will start running.

Latest Firmware V1.10  released 7/7/2020

The multi-tyre mode screens are now set up as if looking above the vehicle. So, they show front tyres at the top and rear tyres at the bottom. In four tyre mode left and right are in the obvious positions on the screen.

Last pressure display now shows adjusted and max pressures. The pressures are now included in diagrams shown as if looking above the vehicle so are very quick to understand.

There are now 7 presets which can be easily swapped from the gauge screen. Each preset is a completely separate setup so for example this allows 7 cars to be supported together with their race numbers and offset pressures etc. Preset and vehicle numbers are shown on all the screens for easy identification.

Items in the setup screen have been reordered e.g. vehicle number is now the first item.

2 tyre mode has been added

The order in which temperatures are measured can be set:

  1. Pressures and temperatures for each tyre in turn
  2. Temperatures for all tyres before pressures
  3. Pressures for all tyres and then temperatures
  4. Temperatures only

In gauge mode probe temperature is now shown in large font.

Charging indicator is now vertical

Several small fixes and improvements have been made

Latest apps

iPhone v1.14 released 7/7/2020

Android v0.9 released 7/7/2020

  • Added Record screen for easy viewing of a single record. From the Data screen click on the first column of any record (Time) to see the Record page for that set of data. It can be easier to add Notes in this screen.
  • For quick access to the last record tap the Last Record button.

Note the different looks for 2 or 4 tyre modes

  • Removed Offset adjustment from the app, now all records will show actual values in the app whether the RaceSense gauge was used in Offset mode or not.
  • Added Humidity to weather conditions