How things came about

We got our first ideas for racing products when Jim first ventured into car racing with the Caterham Academy. After a short time he knew he had a lot to learn to be a fast driver on the track and invested in many track days and coaching. Jim has spent years designing electronics and writing software. He spotted that there were several missing signals which would be useful to record and set about designing add on electronics for Caterham cars to fill in the gaps.

As Jim got more into racing he realised that all the tyre pressure gauges in the pits gave different readings. He looked around for a more accurate gauge and was surprised to find there were not that many and those that he could find were rather expensive and didn’t do a lot. He wanted a better one. The idea for the RaceSense tyre gauge was formed and we’ve been working hard to make it the very best tyre gauge on the market.

Who are we?

Fastmate Racing is Lisa and Jim Irlam, we’ve been in the consumer electronics industry for many years, most recently as Swimovate Ltd.

For the last 12 years we have designed, made and sold PoolMate swim watches. PoolMates count your laps and strokes and give speed, distance, calories and efficiency readings for swimming. We’ve sold hundreds of thousands all over the world so you can be assured we can design and deliver quality products.

We design everything in the UK, in house so we have ultimate control over quality, form and function.

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The Racesense Tyre Gauge is coming in Spring 2020.

rrp £280

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