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Jim’s projects2020-05-14T16:21:22+01:00

I normally have several things I’m working on including some purely for interest or fun. This page is where I say a bit about these projects, give away stuff and share useful info.

SFX-80 a modded version of the Opensfx motion platform

Adding motion to the simulator seemed like a really fun thing to do. Commercial systems are hugely expensive but I’d seen a few DIY projects online which looked like they would cost maybe $1 to $2k or about the same as a race weekend. So started thinking about designing my own actuators for a platform similar to the ones used in flight simulators etc. These can control motion with

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VBO logger

Simulator plugin for Assetto Corsa. I built a home simulator shortly after starting racing and have upgraded it a lot and developed things for it over the years. At some point I started tinkering with the car physics models and wanted some way to compare game and real world data. The result of this was a plugin for Assetto Corsa that logs sim data e.g. driver inputs, tyre temperatures

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