ClampFast is a very secure camera mount system for rollcages. We’ve used them for years now and have had very good feedback from race teams and scrutineers. They are 3D printed and available in loads of different colours. They are provided complete with stainless steel fixings and we have versions available for HD2 and standard (Lite) resolution cameras. The standard mounts are for Caterham rollcages. We have also modified the design for different cameras and rollcages.

The standard mount is dual-camera. We also have separate single camera mounts and foot camera mounts.

Dual Mount

Foot Mount

The foot camera mount holds a standard or HD camera securely and is angled to provide a good view of all the pedals. This gives a visual indication of your inputs to the accelerator, brake and clutch during driving. It is simply secured against the side of the tunnel using Velcro as shown in the photo and allows the camera to be aligned, rotated and moved back and forth. Can be quickly fitted and removed.