“I use RaceSense when coaching my Caterham clients. It is a neat and easy to use system which allows really useful information to be recorded alongside the video such as throttle position and measured g forces. I am able to see the drivers inputs and accurately compare them with reference laps that I drive”

RaceSense works with Caterhams and video loggers (e.g. VBOX*). It simply plugs in so is quick to install or remove and accurately measures your inputs to the car including these signals:

  • Throttle position
  • Deceleration due to braking (measured by inertial sensor)
  • Rotation rate (like a steering angle sensor)
  • Brake position can be measured using an optional non-contact sensor
  • RPM

All of these signals can be overlaid on video and shown in graphs for analysis and comparison. So, for example, you can see exactly how much throttle you apply and when and how quickly you move from throttle to brake. Or check if, when and where you are coasting etc etc. The measured g-forces have faster response than GPS calculations so you can see the instant brakes are applied or use the optional non-contact sensor to measure brake position. RaceSense helps massively during training as you and your coach can see all the car inputs accurately and you can compare your data with reference laps driven by the coach. With RaceSense there is no more guesswork looking at foot cameras or listening to pick up of engine revs etc.

RaceSense also measures combined g-force, lateral g-force, air and coolant temperatures.

RaceSense works with all road and race Caterhams including Acadamy, Roadsport, 270R, 310R, 620R and 420R etc. Contact us for other models.

*Trademark of Racelogic Ltd


Throttle position from 0 to 100%


This is measured from the car’s throttle position sensor (TPS) . It shows your throttle usage e.g. when you are flat out, coasting and how fast you switch between brake and throttle etc.




Shows the engine revolutions per minute so you can see maximum revs, power band and optimise gear changes


Forces due to braking etc.

Measured g-force

Check exactly when you brake or lift-off. Precision 3D accelerometer gives more detail and faster response than GPS calculations.


Measured by gyro


Precision 3D gyroscope provides a signal which is like a steering angle sensor.

The RaceSense Box is a small unit that plugs into your car and video logger. We provide a complete kit with leads, tunnel strap, instructions and example files to make it simple to fit and use. RaceSense Box contains a powerful 32-bit ARM microcontroller plus 3D accelerometer and gyroscope. It can also measure voltages and signals from external sensors. Data from the car and sensors is combined with the inertial signals and sent to the video logger. You can easily add the new signals to VboxTM scenes and view them as graphs in CircuitToolsTM. Example scenes with Caterham dials are also freely available for users of RaceSense Box to use and modify.

RaceSense Box has spare resource to allow us to support other cars and features in future. A USB port allows different setups and upgrades to be programmed.

An optional non-contact brake position sensor is available which fits inside the pedal box. This can be fitted and removed easily and does not require the car to be modified.

The screen shot below shows an example scene with brake (red bar), throttle (blue bar), steering angle, rev counter all provided by RaceSense. Graphs of the signals can also be viewed for detailed analysis as shown under the scene.

About us

We got our first ideas for racing products when Jim first ventured into car racing with the Caterham Academy. After a short time he knew he had a lot to learn to be a fast driver on the track and invested in many track days and coaching. Jim has spent years designing electronics and writing software. He spotted that there were several missing signals which would be useful to record and set about designing RaceSense to fill in the gaps.

“as a professional driver coach improving my driver’s performance is everything. RaceSense gives me and my drivers access to extra information including throttle position, brake pressure and rotation, this information is invaluable in highlighting potential improvements. It’s simple to use and I recommend it to my clients”

Scott Gillam, www.race-coach.co.uk