Simulator plugin for Assetto Corsa.

I built a home simulator shortly after starting racing and have upgraded it a lot and developed things for it over the years. At some point I started tinkering with the car physics models and wanted some way to compare game and real world data. The result of this was a plugin for Assetto Corsa that logs sim data e.g. driver inputs, tyre temperatures etc. into VBO files. Friends and fellow drivers also found the plugin useful to improve their lap times on the simulator so am releasing it free for anyone to enjoy.

To make it really useful I wanted to align Assetto Corsa data with real-world circuits so the files could be overlaid and directly compared. There is more to this than it seems because the game does not use real-world coordinates.  So, the game track data has to be converted into GPS coordinates aligned correctly with the start/finish line and I also often found that the in game circuits were rotated e.g. North was down or some random direction. I use a non-spherical model for the world but it probably isn’t really necessary to use this level of accuracy for a race circuit. The code also works out headings and combines G forces etc.

simulator driving

The FastMate VBO logger is a plugin for Assetto Corsa that captures data from your simulator so you can compare it to real life driving at that same track.

It’s free to download here

Please note that this download is available at no charge. You are not allowed to distribute it yourself. Please refer anyone it may benefit to this page to download it.

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Please input your details and you will be able to download it straight away.

The app file will be sent to the email you’ve entered. Please check your spam folder if you don’t receive it in a few minutes. The app is supplied as a ZIP archive and the recommended way to install is using Assetto Corsa Content Manager but you can also extract the contents directly into the Assetto Corsa app folder. See pictures below for installation hints. Make sure the app is enabled in Content Manager after installation.

Files are stored in the VBOfiles folder inside the VBOlogger app. Drive at least 2 laps to make sure start/finish line is crossed at least once. Logging can be stopped in game by clicking on the VBOlogger app window.

You can check VBOlogger is running by pressing the home key in game which will show the Assetto Corsa console and it should show a message like ‘Jim Irlam’s VBO logger….’ with name of track. Debug messages will also be displayed which may help if installation was not completed correctly.

Most UK tracks are supported plus Zandvoort. It is also possible to add tracks using the User Tracks file and will add instructions for this soon.

Content Manager Install
Direct app folder install